NetDania mobile app to receive new upgrades…

Danish firm NetDania, the pioneer in forex charting web applications and advanced charting packages sent out a direct notice today from group CEO Stig Brylle to users regarding the company’s plans to release new add-on features for its award winning mobile application. The application is highly regarding within the trading community for its user experience and ease of use.

The new features per the notice will be:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Live and Demo Trading Accounts
  • Ability to build complex Alerts on Studies, without programming skills

NatDania has over 400,000 registered mobile users, 13.000 well regarded reviews on Android and 4,000 ratings on iOS. The latest review from a user can be read as follows:

Really handy app     

I’m somewhat new to trading but this app has proven to be particularly useful. I trade currencies and the forex market and generally am able to do all my charting on this app. I love the dark color scheme and it really gives it a professional look (although you can change the color scheme in the settings if you want). Now, I haven’t used a whole lot of trading apps but the ones that I have used don’t even come close to this one in terms of features, options, customizability, etc.. Every time I use this app I feel like I’m wearing a suit drinking a cup of coffee in New York and trading, it really is amazing how much you can do simply with a phone and tablet these days.

The new releases will come soon with a December 18th 2015 release for iOS – iPhone & iPad and a January 22nd 2016 release for Android – Phones & Tablets.

To check out NetDania Mobile click here.

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