Mushegh Tovmasyan leaves Alpari’s UK office for CEO position at Divisa Capital

One of London’s key figures in retail FX, Mushegh Tovmasyan, has been appointed CEO of Divisa Capital, following his departure from Alpari’s UK division, where he spent two years as Chief Commercial Officer.

During Mr. Tovmasyan’s four year tenure at Alpari, he held the position of Global Head of Sales before becoming responsible for product, global offices and all of the firm’s sales teams including retail, introducing brokers, pro and institutional business.

Mr. Tovmasyan’s leadership within Divisa Capital is not new, however, as he is a Founding Partner of the firm’s parent company Divisa Capital Group, having been instrumental in the establishment of the British company in 2008, and having held a directorship since the company’s foundation.

Last year, Divisa Capital gained its Financial Conduct Authority license via the acquisition of defunct FX firm MB Trading, an initiative that was led by Mr. Tovmasyan.

“I founded Divisa in 2008 and last year a private equity firm invested a sum of money in exchange for a minority stake” Mr. Tovmasyan explained to LeapRate today.

Divisa Capital has not only gained the full time attention of Mr. Tovmasyan, but has also made another senior level appointment this month, as former Alpari Product Development Manager Norbert Lukasiewicz has joined the firm as Prime of Prime Specialist. Divisa Capital explained today to LeapRate that Mr. Lukasiewicz is pinpointed for the position of COO, subject to approval from the Financial Conduct Authority.

During his tenure at Integral Development Corporation, Mr. Lukasiewicz was instrumental in the company’s success during the past few years in its retail brokerage section.

Mr. Lukasiewicz was at Alpari at the same time as Mr. Tovmasyan, before leaving in 2011 for a senior position at Integral Development Corporation where he served as a Director at the international FX software company with the title Global Segment Head for Retail Brokers.


Mushegh Tovmasyan leaves Alpari's UK office for CEO position at Divisa Capital


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