Moscow Exchange certifies GATElab trading software

GATElab, a MiFID compliant solution for multi-asset, cross-markets price-taking and market-making and financial trading, part of London Stock Exchange Group, has announced it has been accredited as a software vendor of the Moscow Exchange (MOEX).

GATElab hftpath, the high frequency trading gateway module with embedded low latency pre-trade risk checks, is now available to all MOEX customers wishing to trade securities, derivatives and FX on the exchange.

Stefano Falciani, Managing Director, GATElab said: “This important accreditation builds on our experience in the Russian markets, having worked for over two years with Renaissance Capital. Following accreditation from MOEX we are now in a position to offer our low latency services to any member of the Moscow Exchange by combining all market access and risk provision through a single flexible solution”.

MOEX has really risen in the past few years as a viable trading venue with volumes growing each quarter over the past several years as Russia looks to integrate its flagship exchange into global capital markets trading. You can view a chart of the latest FX volumes reported by MOEX below (December happened to be its best month to date):

The list of Moscow Exchange’s certified software vendors is here.

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