Monex makes TradeStation available to its Japanese customers

Platform features are fully available for Japanese retail investors with a downloadable version

The Japanese subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. has released a press release announcing the launch of its own TradeStation platform for Japanese retail investors. Up until now it was available only to their clients of US based TradeStation Securities and TradeStation Technologies which are fully owned by Monex Group Inc. The Japanese company has acquired the Florida-based online brokerage for $411 million back in 2011.

The first step that the company has taken regarding cross-utilization of the powerful platform that it acquired was the launch of a TradeStation developed system that enabled Japanese investors to trade US equities.

Following the growing appetite of local investors to Japanese stocks, Monex is coming up with this product launch at the right time. While it is still offering only US stocks with it, we are betting they are developing a strategy to integrate some TradeStation features for their local stocks offerings. The version of the platform is already available for download.

The company has concluded its press release by announcing that the effort is part of its medium and long-term strategy called Global Vision that is aimed at providing retail investors around the world with an expanded set of features and differentiated products.

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