Monex Group Japan September forex volumes up 18% to $26 billion

Monex volume metrics still well below January-June levels, but more than double last year.

Monex Group of Japan, a mid-size Japanese forex broker which also owns TradeStation and IBFX in the US, reported September forex trading volumes which rose nicely from slower summer levels, but which were still well below what Monex saw during a blockbuster first half of the year.

Daily volumes during September hit ¥133.3 billion, 18% above August, but still well below the ¥186 billion average Monex did during the January-June period. Rival Japanese forex broker GMO Click, by contrast, saw September volumes decline by 20% from already-anemic August levels, as the Yen saw very little volatility against major currencies, trading in a tight USDJPY 98-100 band the entire month.

Translating the ¥133.3 billion daily figure to dollars means that Monex did $26 billion total forex trading volume during the month of September.

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