MOEX announces decommission of old addresses for connection to the FX, Securities and Money markets

Moscow Exchange has finished installation of the new ASTS gateway servers in the M1 data center. According to the earlier published roadmap these servers are located in the new network, so the connection settings for the FX, equity and money markets need to be changed.

The new broadcast addresses for the ASTS Bridge server and MICEX Trade terminals when connecting over the leased line are now:,,,

Exchange gateways in the 196.* network will be taken out of service by the time the Dataspace becomes the primary exchange data center in November 2016.
Also these servers will not be available during the load testing on 24 September 2016.

If your server is hosted at the colocation facility then the new static routes need to be added:

– if your server IP address looks like 10.136.XX.YY:
route add -p mask
route add -p mask
route add -p mask

(Here and below commands for Windows OS are provided, for other OS please contact your IT specialist or check documentation).

– if your server IP address looks like 10.138.XX.YY:
route add -p mask
route add -p mask
route add -p mask

Settings for connection over the Internet as well as the FIX and FAST UDP Multicast Market Data addresses remain unchanged.

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MOEX announces decommission of old addresses for connection to the FX, Securities and Money markets


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