Mobile trading increasing among retail FX traders

Today’s Wall Street Journal included an interesting article on the growth of mobile trading among retail FX traders.

While we agree with the WSJ’s premise that FX trading via mobile devices has grown rapidly the past couple of years, our research indicates that mobile trading is a very small part of the overall pie, still less than 5% of overall retail FX trades, and less than 2% of initiation of new trades. FX traders, it seems, still seem to make most of their key trading decisions in front of larger screens. Nevertheless, a firm’s mobile offerings are increasingly becoming an important part of traders’ decisions in terms of which Forex firm to trade with, as traders increasingly want the option to trade from wherever they are. In reality, mobile devices are still used mainly by FX traders to monitor their existing positions, close existing positions, or just monitor the markets.

To see the WSJ article click here (to see the full artcile online requires registration).

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