Mobile evolution as releases version 3.0 of Android app

Announced today from, the FX market news website released version 3.0 of their Android app which provides push notifications for traders worldwide who want to keep their finger on the market’s pulse, even when they’re away from their desks. The app provides Forex signals, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market news and articles that offer strategic tips and suggestions for Forex traders at all levels. Android app screenshot Android app screenshot

The DailyForex Android app was first launched in February 2012 with the express goal of allowing traders to have professional market guidance at the tip of their fingers. Since then, the app has evolved based upon user feedback and technological and market development. Aside from new push notifications, the new version supports both English and Arabic and offers premium services including live Forex signals, Forex forecasts for the major pairs that can guide both inexperienced and more advanced traders to make intelligent, longer-term decisions. The app’s premium version also features high-level analysis from the DailyForex trading desk that is suitable for more advanced traders. The premium version of the DailyForex Android app is priced at $5.95/month.

DailyForex analysts are all professional traders who have been trading currencies for years. Led by Adam Lemon, a veteran trader who is certified in Fund Management and Investment Management by the U.K. Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment, the DailyForex team operates during all trading sessions so that traders worldwide will have professional advice when they need it most. The website operates in eight languages, and the DailyForex Android app is available in English and Arabic.

“The Forex markets seldom sleep,” noted Sara Patterson, chief editor at “We are proud to provide an app that can keep traders across the globe appraised of market conditions in real time, so that they won’t feel stressed or guilty about leaving their desks. It’s impossible to stay glued to the charts, but traders can feel better knowing that we have their backs.”

To check out the updated app, click here.

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