MMA Forex shutdown update – phones don’t answer, CEO blogs defiance

MMA CEO Malik Noureed Awan brazenly claims ‘I am really enjoying all this free publicity’.

Some follow-up notes to our exclusive coverage of the shutdown of Dubai retail forex broker MMA Forex….

1) Contact. Calls to all of the ‘Contact Us’ telephone numbers at MMA Forex (as listed on their website) yielded some strange results. A call to the first number listed on MMA’s ‘Contact Us’ page, a US-based 1-877 toll free number, was answered as ‘Helpdesk DDI’, tech support for a healthcare company, who claimed they had never heard of MMA Forex. When calling the second number listed, also a US-based 1-718 ‘International Line’, you get a message that the number has been disabled. We were unable to get through to the other numbers listed as well.

2) CEO’s statement. MMA CEO Malik Noureed Awan — who on his Twitter page calls himself ‘Mr Forex’, and on his Facebook page leads with being the ‘Youngesst Successful Businessman of Asia 2012’ (with the word ‘Youngesst’ misspelled), put out a somewhat bizarre statement on his official Facebook page after the shutdown story broke. It went as follows:

Those who came up and approached media and police against MMA and forex can get their money from them. The rest of the people are our prestigious clients and I respect them and their concerns, as I promised earlier I will pay every single penny of the investment along with the profit and being a Muslim I can swear on my words and I will stand by them. They can take away everything from me, my name my company my freedom but they can never take away the courage and determination I have in me and also the support of MMA family I am honoured to have such amazing stake holders and they back me up everytime I’m in trouble. 20-30 people cannot destroy the power of MMA and my dream is bigger then their power of destruction.

Love you all.

In response to some of the comments on that Facebook post, Awan added the following:

  • Payment will be only released once Investigation Done and its about to finish max 30to50 days.
  • I will prefer to give up on my life but never give up on my words which given to my stakes holders.
  • This all will turn to positive when I will pay money to my lovely stake holders…
  • Its show biz good or bad its a publicity…I am really enjoying all this free publicity.

Malik Noureed Awan’s Facebook page and post can be found here.

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