MetaQuotes upgrades MT4 to include virtual hosting and increased signal capability

MetaQuotes launches upgrades to MetaTrader 4, which includes reparatory works for cloud hosting implementation.

MetaQuotes’ viewpoint is that many traders want to arrange a reliable round-the-clock operation of the client terminal containing an active trading robot or following trading signals.

One of the possible solutions by which to achieve his is through the use of virtual private network (VPS) servers. However, finding a reliable provider, as well as diving into configuration and payment details require additional skills and time.

It is becoming apparent that gaining a latency advantage over other traders is now a priority for retail FX traders, and is no longer the preserve of institutional trading desks only. Last week, LeapRate reported that ex-Saxo Bank senior executives Mikael Breinholst and Anton Hughes had launched the web based trading tool Magick which allows FX traders to initiate algorithmic trading strategies in just a few simple steps. This facilitates the deployment of complex computer assisted trading strategies without any need for programming or assistance from third-party software developers.

MetaQuotes clearly understands the requirement to provide the integral functionality of its Virtual Hosting Cloud within the ubiquitous platform.

Virtual Hosting Cloud is a server network distributed internationally and supporting special versions of MetaTrader client terminal, within which selection of a suitable location, service plan, payment and synchronization is fully automated. A trader needs to complete only 5 steps in order to rent the virtual copy of a terminal with minimal network latency to the broker’s trade server and select the most suitable service plan directly from MetaTrader 4.

Virtual Hosting Wizard can be launched by selecting “Register a Virtual Server” command in the account context menu.Capture

In addition, a new WebRequest function has been added which allows any expert adviser (EA) to interact with third-party websites and perform trades based on third-party services such as news and economic calendar entries. In the “Navigator” categories, “Indicators” and “Custom Indicators” have been combined into one category “Indicators”.

An increasing number of professional traders have become reliant on depth of market indicators, which are usually available from liquidity providers. In the MetaTrader 4 build 670, a display has been added in order to include a display of the current market for a trading symbol as the depth of market having the ability of quick and easy order management. The new tool allows placing, modifying and deleting orders quickly and with maximum clarity providing the best trading opportunities.

indicatorsThe best depth of market prices are the current Bid and Ask for the symbol. The next level is set as the closest level allowing placing Buy Limit and Sell Limit orders considering stop level for the symbol. Further levels are set according to the symbol’s price step.

As MetaQuotes continues to dominate the platform market within the retail FX industry, it is essential that the company keeps pace with technological change and the requirement for third party applications generated by traders in order to stave off competition from API-based developments from fellow retail FX participants such as Spotware and tradable, as well as the move toward platform independence recently demonstrated by Tradency.



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