Media-savvy Dukascopy realizes the value of instant messaging, launches Dukascopy Connect

Swiss FX bank Dukascopy channels its efforts further toward mainstream media, launches instant messenger to rival WhatsApp

The age of media and communication via digital messaging has become an essential component within the electronic trading industry.

One particular company, Swiss FX bank Dukascopy, is a pioneer in the use of digital media and video, and has launched its own proprietary instant messaging service.

Majoring on the security and confidentiality of messages sent via the new network, Dukascopy Connect went into service on Friday of last week as a cross-platform mobile messaging application which emulates the success of WhatsApp, and tailors it toward the FX trading community.

There are three versions of the application, with the first version permitting real-time chat between users, along with the ability to send pictures. The second version affords users the ability to make calls to eachother, and use video technology similar to FaceTime on Apple’s iOS operating system, and Viber on Android, and the third version incorporates a secure method of sending funds.


Dukascopy’s development team took one year to bring the messenger from concept to launch, and is the only Swiss bank which provides such a means of communication.

Alain Broyon, CEO of Dukascopy spoke to LeapRate today on the launch of Dukascopy Connect: “New technologies such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook have changed the way we communicate. These tools are great but I feel some risk while sharing my personal data without protection. I have always been looking for a new tool that can provide me with more security. What would be better than a Swiss Bank launching such an app that protects the clients, their data and their assets?”

“For me, security and privacy are connected with the Swiss banking regulation. Therefore, our new Dukascopy Connect is going to change your way of communication. Therefore I am going to use this app and recommend it to all my friends and colleagues as the best way of confidential communication” concluded Mr. Broyon.

With YouTube being the second most viewed portal on the internet globally, Dukascopy is most certainly expending its efforts in the right direction by maximizing its Dukascopy TV channel as well as developing interactive applications which engage the audience such as Dukascopy Connect.

Live, real-time media, it seems, is very much the future.

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