MB Trading reports minimal impact from CHF volatility

MB Trading, the financial brand uniting Manhattan Beach Trading Financial Services, Inc. and MB Trading FX, announced today it had felt a minimal impact from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) surprise action on Thursday morning. There are no consequences for the group’s capital and its ability to meet regulatory capital requirements, the US online trading expert said in a statement.

MB Trading’s chief executive Ross Ditlove commented:

“Our systems remained stable and though liquidity provided by banks became nonexistent, MB Trading continued to operate normally through managing risk with the added benefit that clients could match orders against other clients within our EXN technology.”

“Our Forex customers on all of our integrated platforms, including our own MBT Desktop Pro platform, cTrader, and MetaTrader, saw almost no lapses in trading availability. There were definitely fast market conditions in pairs like the USD/CHF and EUR/CHF that caused price gaps for some customer orders, but overall, the impact was immaterial.”

MB Trading also reported that only a small percentage of customer accounts were negatively impacted and that there was no consequential effect on the firm’s net capital requirements due to the news.

“MB trading is nearing the close of its second decade in operation; our path has always been to offer reliability and safety to its clients. MB Trading’s choice to offer straight-through processing instead of trading against our customers means greater safety for our client base as a whole. We choose to offer a true Forex marketplace by combining liquidity partners and presenting a real Forex trading environment. We maintain that our offering is in the best interests of our Forex client. The decision in choosing a Forex brokerage should be based on more then popularity. MB Trading maintains technology, staff, and a commitment to reducing and avoiding risk to itself and its clients at all times.”

You can read the official announcement by MB Trading by following this link.

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