MAP S.Platis launches Regulatory Radar Report on EU developments in the financial services sector

MAP S.Platis, the leading and most specialized consultancy firm for financial services companies in the euro-zone region especially relevant in dealing with the forex broking and investment landscape, is delighted to publish the 1st Issue of its Regulatory Radar Report (PDF).

regradarThe Regulatory Radar Report aims to provide its professional audience a round-up of the main regulatory and legislative developments in the European and Cypriot financial services sector. MAP S.Platis states they will publish the Regulatory Radar Report periodically providing updates on matters which are of interest to and/or affect Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs), Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFMs) and UCITS Management Companies.

Furthermore, the Regulatory Radar Report is designed to be of use to Board members, Senior Management, Compliance Officers, AML Officers, Risk Managers and other functions of CIFs, AIFMs and UCITS Management Companies. If you are serious about staying ahead of regulatory changes and abreast of all things in which can affect your operations it may be keen to share this news along with the Regulatory Radar Report to colleagues, associates and friends.

The periodical Regulatory Radar Reports will be accessible free-of-charge from MAP S.Platis’ website in the following link

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