Liquid Markets dumps bonuses in favor of 5% interest

Interest on client funds will be paid in a staged way – the more you trade, the more you make.

The marketing team at Liquid Markets (formerly Tadawul FX) in Cyprus have come up with an interesting new twist on client bonuses and incentives to trade, all wrapped into one. Liquid Markets circulated a marketing email and matching landing page saying that there will be no deposit bonus paid to clients. Instead, clients will earn interest — up to LIBOR + 5% — on their account balances at the end of each day.

We think that the move is a smart one in the current low-interest financial environment. Foremost on many retail traders’ / investors’ minds is the near-zero interest they earn on their money, and what realistic alternatives they have. Offering bonus interest hits a raw nerve with investors today.

Liquid Markets’ offer comes, of course, with a catch. To earn premium interest, a trader needs to be constantly trading his/her account. To qualify for the top 5% rate (actually now 5.02% on EUR deposits and 5.12% on USD deposits) on any given day, the trader will need to trade more than 50x the equity in their account on that day. For example, a trader having $10,000 in his account would need to make at least $500,000 worth of trades every day to earn the bonus interest every day.

The company, which began life as Tadawul FX offering MT4 trading, has undergone a major transformation which includes recently adding ECN trading using the cTrader platform.

To see the Liquid Markets landing page offer click here.

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