Lifestyle and luxury on BMFN’s agenda as Miss Unitrader final takes place in Shanghai

In keeping with BMFN CEO Luis Sanchez’ notoriously flamboyant and avantgarde approach to business, he was quick off the mark to become involved in BMFN’s Miss UniTrader contest in Shanghai, China subsequent to assuming the leadership position at BMFN.

Innovative and unique methods of conducting business are instrumental in today’s global and competitive FX industry, in order to engage potential investors and ensure that the company’s presence is one which remains at the forefront of the minds of commercial and retail customers alike.

In staging a competition of this nature, high net worth introducing brokers, partners, investors and clients in the highly lucrative Far East were present by invitation, marking BMFN out as a major force among Chinese industry participants. Indeed, BMFN has garnered 4,000 introducing brokers in China, across the JForex, UniTrader, MetaTrader 4 and Currenex platforms.

The ultimate round of the Miss UniTrader competition for 2014 was contested by 8 finalists at a luxury hotel in Shanghai.

Followed by a gala dinner for its clients , associates, business partners and employees, it was attended was 250 people, each of whom had a chance to vote for the winner, the accolade of which went to Angelina Meleshko.

The candidates graced the catwalk three times each, exhibiting three different dresses, ending with the traditional Chinese dress called Qi-Pao.

The event was hosted by Anastasiia Doroshenko, with a translator assisting with the Chinese language. Mr. Belogour also made a speech and he with Mr. Sanchez to personally make a toast at each table.

Also present was Mark Bringans, CEO of BMFN Australia as well as Andy Duan, Vice President Greater Asia Markets who is responsible for 3 offices and 50 employees, along with Fan Zheng, Head of China were also present.

Mr. Belogour stated that “We now run the Miss UniTrader contest every month as a regular fixture, and one final once a year. This year we chose Shanghai. We have been doing this since beginning of this year and it’s a project that will continue year after year. It’s a combination of business and pleasure and have fun.”

“The ladies are called personal assistants and have to pass an approval or kind of selection, that’s why we have 246. Its not that you can register directly , That’s why its similar to a selected club member.” concluded Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez enthused: “I learned about Miss UniTrader only after I joined BMFN and I find this concept and idea very interesting ,an added value for the clients and new prospect. I will help them to develop this concept in a global perspective.”



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