LI Sang Edward resigns as exec director of Hong Kong brokerage Guotai Junan International

Guotai Junan International Hold. Limited (HKG:1788), a Hong Kong Forex, futures and equities broker that made headlines late last year as its chairman Dr. Yim Fung went missing and then reappeared, has announced changes to its Board of Directors.

Effective February 24, 2016, Mr. LI Sang Edward resigns as executive director, company secretary, head of legal matters, and an authorized representative.

Mr. Li, who joined Guotai in May 2007, notes that he has no disagreement with the Board, and there are no other matters that need to be brought to the attention of the shareholders of the broker regarding his resignation.

The Board also announced that Ms. Feng Zheng Yao Helen has been named the company secretary and an authorised representative, with both appointments effective 24 February 2016.

Ms. Feng has a Bachelor of Laws from the City University of Hong Kong and a Master’s Degree in Laws from the University College London. She was admitted as a solicitor in the High Court of Hong Kong in 2004. Ms. Feng joined Guotai in 2010, with her main responsibilities focusing on legal and company secretarial matters.

As at the date of this announcement, Guotai’s Board comprises four executive directors: Dr. YIM Fung (Chairman), Mr. WONG Tung Ching, Ms. QI Haiying and Mr. LI Guangjie; and three independent non-executive directors, being Dr. FU Tingmei, Dr. SONG Ming and Mr. TSANG Yiu Keung.

The official announcement from the broker can be viewed by clicking here.

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