Leverate’s Evgeny Chernin, FXStreet’s Rao Hassan join KROUFR’s Arbitrage Commission

Three FX industry experts will be helping in the impartial resolving of disputes among members of the Russian Forex organization and their clients.

Russia’s Commission for the regulation of relations on the financial market (KROUFR) has recently beefed up the ranks of its Arbitration Commission, a special body designated for the resolution of disputes in the Forex industry. There are two new members of the Commission – Evgeny Chernin and Rao Hassan, thus taking the membership count of the dispute-resolution body to 20 representatives of the FX industry.

Evgeny Chernin has substantial experience of more than 12 years in the financial services sector. In the Commission, he will be representing Leverate, a leading developer of technological solutions for Forex brokers.

Rao Hassan manages the Russian departments of the famous Internet portal FXStreet. He has significant knowledge of the Russian Forex market, as well as of the peculiarities of the operations of Forex companies in the country and the respective differences from the way brokers elsewhere operate.

Let’s note that the main goal of the Arbitration Commission is the review of claims filed by clients of companies that are members of KROUFR. Each month the Commission publishes a detailed report on the number of claims reviewed, accompanied by the names of the companies involved. To guarantee impartial resolution, there is a special rule stating that representatives of KROUFR members cannot account for more than 50% of the members of the Arbitration Commission.

Among the main pluses for traders who wish their case to be reviewed by the Commission is that the reviews take relatively short time to complete. Another bonus is the fact that the whole procedure is free of charge and that the process can be complected entirely online, without any extra paperwork effort.

The list of KROUFR’s members includes Forex brokers active in Russia, as well as trading technology developers.

You can read the official message by KROUFR on beefing up its arbitration Commission here

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