Leverate upgrades look and feel of its Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform

The Sirix Mobile upgrade includes improved charts with embedded indicators, and placing orders directly from charts.

Mobile trading used to be a nice-to-have for forex and binary brokers, and not long ago moves to become a need-to-have. But most transactions still took place on desktops or tablets.

But that is rapidly changing. As people worldwide do more and more with their mobile devices, they are demanding more and more desktop-like functionality from their mobile device. And the Forex and Binary worlds are no different.

Leverate’s latest announcement regarding an enhanced Sirix Mobile interface is a fine example of how leading forex platform providers are putting more energy and emphasis into their mobile platforms.

The full Leverate press release follows:

Leverate Introduces an Enhanced Sirix Mobile Interface

February 10, 2014 – Leverate announces the upcoming release of a new look and feel for the Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform. To benefit the increasing number of clients relying on Sirix for mobile trading, the company has designed a superior UI for mobile users. Enhancements include improved charts with embedded indicators, and the ability to place orders directly from charts.

“We have worked hard to provide the mobile trading features requested by our brokers and their traders,” noted Avi Ventura, Leverate Sirix Product Manager. “For example, we are now able to offer real-time chart ticking, which lets traders see candles as they are being built. This provides a more complete picture of how instruments are trading throughout the selected time period, and reduce information gaps.”

In the redesign, the developers created a more streamlined design by moving tabs onto a convenient sidebar. Other new features include a black/white background option to improve eye comfort, touch screen controls, and better search capability.

According to Avi Ventura, “In the future, we plan on adding even more to the social trading section of our mobile platform, including links to trader profile pages and access to the advanced copy trading functions which have been introduced to our web platform.”

Sirix Mobile is a component of LXSuite, Leverate’s turn-key complete package of private label brokerage solutions. More information on LXSuite may be found at lxsuite.leverate.com, or by contacting Leverate Sales Consultants at +44-20-88168970.

About Leverate

Leverate is the vanguard of broker solutions technology and services empowering Forex brokers and financial institutions with the tools to increase conversion, minimise risk and reach new markets. Leverate’s cutting-edge solutions, powered by breakthrough technology, provide market players a comprehensive suite of products to operate the most successful and competitive brokerages in the Forex industry.

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Leverate upgrades look and feel of its Sirix Mobile HTML5 platform


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