Leverate updates its BX8 binary options platform with long term options

Online trading platform provider Leverate has made some changes and updates to its BX8 binary options platform. Known more for its Sirix forex and social trading platform, it seems as though the new management team at Leverate – which recently unveiled a streamlined SIRIXActive platform for broker operators focusing on self conversion and increased retention – will put some of its efforts into increasing its footprint in the binary platform business.

bx8_blackThe BX8 update includes features such as the ability to trade long term options (1 month, 2 months, 4 months and one year options), which Leverate states is a direct response to the needs of Leverate’s clients, to add retention features and create trader stickiness.

BX8 has also added graphs, such as candlesticks which include the ability to select time frames.

Leverate has also released a mobile version of BX8. Currently the BX8 app runs on HTML5 and is available for Android users.


BX8 product manager Amit Sagiv told LeapRate:

Our team is always on the lookout for feedback from our clients. The new updates we are releasing are a direct answer to the needs and wants of our users.



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Leverate updates its BX8 binary options platform with long term options


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