Leverate unveils Sirix Community multibroker social trading network

Sirix Community will allow traders to copy and follow all other members regardless of which brokerage firm they’re with.

Leading FX platform provider Leverate has introduced a major upgrade to its Sirix social trading platform. Until now, a broker using Sirix could create its own in-house social network, allowing traders to copy, follow, and view the profiles of other traders in the network. But the network was limited to just that broker.

Now, while maintaining necessary privacy and confidentiality, Sirix Community breaks those barriers and opens up the social network to ALL traders at all the brokers running Sirix — a much more powerful proposition.

Traders on the Sirix Community network can copy, follow and view the profiles of all other traders on the network — regardless of which broker the trader is with. It is NOT possible, however, to see which broker a given trader belongs to. This is a necessary step in preventing client theft and information collection.

Existing brokers will benefit from a larger social trading network and can offer their clients a larger pool of
master traders. Brokers just starting a brokerage or social trading network will be able to offer their clients a
complete up-and-running community of traders and masters, and will not have to start a network from
scratch. Leverate has actually been making a big push with start-up brokers lately, including the introduction of a low cost Forex platform for start-up brokers.

For the complete Leverate Sirix press release click here (pdf).

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