Leverate prepares new offerings to help brokers find top service partners, increase ROI

Leverate, a major provider of of Forex and binary options technology solutions, has some interesting offerings in the pipeline…

For starters, the company has opened a new way for Forex brokers to find top service providers with the Leverate Partnership Program. Leverate has researched solutions providers for important services such as IT, mobile advertising, lead generation and email marketing campaigns, and has brought the winning companies together to make the selection process easier. Participating partners provide enhanced services optimized to work with Leverate’s suite of award-winning platforms and software, along with preferred pricing packages available only to Leverate brokers.

“Working with Leverate is an easy way to save time and money, while making the most of a tight brokerage budget,” says Leverate VP of Marketing Nicc Lewis. “By using proven Forex industry experts, brokers can focus on their core business: conversion and retention.”

In addition, Leverate aims to debut Sirix Active in November. The solution is offering a fresh approach to growing FX brokerage ROI while cutting sales costs. By embedding streamlined automation into the Sirix platform as part of the conversion and retention process, Forex brokers will now be able to scale effectively independent of expensive investments in human capital.

Leverate VP of Business Development Avishai Ben-Tovim explained that “sales and retention teams should not be spending valuable time speaking to traders who are already sold on the idea of opening a Forex trading account based on a positive experience with a demo account.” He added that “Leverate’s new system is built to take advantage of the innate attractiveness of the Sirix platform for new traders.”

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