Leverate partners with Trading Central to deliver technical analysis to Sirix customers

Real-time technical analysis to assist customers to make more and better trading decisions

It has been less than a month since leading forex technology provider Leverate has introduced its advanced charting functionality for their Sirix platform. Now we are getting another feature that might get the interest of many existing and new clients of the company. Leverate has just released a press release that is introducing a brand new technical analysis feature for brokerages that are using their LX Suite services.

A side section within the HTML 5 based solution is now featuring a fully integrated component that provides real-time chart analysis. The Trading Central component inside the platform will introduce a real time updating technical analysis tool for clients. The new feature will prove to be very useful especially for newer customers that need some sort of guidance to take their trading decisions with more confidence.

sirix trading central technical analysis

According to Leverate’s VP of Products Itai Damti Trading Central is considered as one of the leading providers of technical analysis solutions and the company is pleased to provide this premium content. The analytics tool will be provided in 10 languages and can be activated on a case by case basis – that is to say brokerages can activate it for every single customer that has deposited a set amount or is generating a certain amount of volume.

Trading Central provides the analytical content in real-time, commenting on market events and how they change the technical analysis picture for dozens of FX pairs. Brokers who choose to participate in the program will be provided with a set of reports and are getting an expanded set of marketing strategies to work with.

The addition to the platform will be available for Sirix Web and Mobile, which are both integrated components within Leverate’s complete solution called LXSuite.

For a full screenshot of the new feature of the platform click here.

For the full press release by the company visit Leverate’s website.

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