Leverate launches retooled BX8 binary options platform

Leverate, the developer of technologies for online trading, today announced the launch of a retooled version of its binary options platform BX8.

The solution, which was first introduced in January 2014, has now undergone complete redesign, as it seeks to increase time traders spend on the platform and aims to maximize deposits.

bx8_black“Once it became clear that we wanted to revamp the original BX8 platform released in early 2014, we decided it would be best to go back to basics,” said BX8 Product Manager Amit Sagiv. “We evaluated the things Leverate does really well, including innovation, UI and UX development, and ease of use. I went step by step during the design process to make sure each of these areas highlighted the latest advancements in technology and quality.”

The new BX8 platform relies heavily upon gamification research to motivate traders. Order buttons are displayed prominently throughout the interface, creating multiple opportunities for users to select positions. The design has been modernized, and now showcases sleek graphics and a color scheme built to attract binary options traders in the most popular demographics.

To make things even more exciting, Leverate promises that the initial release will be followed soon by a completely localized Chinese binary options platform solution.

“Leverate has worked tirelessly to build BX8 into a Binary Options platform powerhouse,” said Avi Gable of Trade Thunder after switching to BX8 as part of the original beta test: “They’ve committed an enormous amount of time and resources into perfecting both its front end and back end systems, and the proof shows in how well my business is doing. The cool design keeps my traders coming back over and over again, and managing my brokerage is quick and easy.”

To learn more about the BX8 platform, visit https://leverate.com/bx8.


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