Leverate launches FXPN affiliate network

When leading global FX broker Saxo Bank (a member of LeapRate’s Approved List) made a reported $12.5 million investment in Forex software platform Leverate back in 2011, it was assumed by many in the industry (including yours truly) that Leverate would eventually become an in-house software provider for Saxo Bank, particularly around its MT4 products.

Both Saxo Bank and Leverate insisted that the opposite was true, and that the investment represented an opportunity for both to help grow Leverate’s business globally. And indeed, Leverate has used its resources to become one of the fastest growing and innovative FX software companies. The latest Leverate creation, the FXPN affiliate network, is further proof of both Leverate’s ingenuity and its independence from Saxo Bank, as FXPN appears to be geared more towards smaller FX brokers which can piggyback on Leverate’s platform to create affiliate relationships.

FXPN will allow (mainly smaller) Forex brokers to gain access to a wide variety of potential affiliate partners, although they will be competing for those affiliates with all the other brokers on the network. And aspiring affiliates will get access to a variety of one-stop-shop marketing tools and resources — as well as an independent company in between them and the FX brokers, to ensure that all affiliate payouts are calculated properly, and paid in a timely fashion — problems affiliates often have with Forex brokerages. The FX brokers initially on the site offering affiliate relationships include ForexTrading, FXLider, Justrader, NetoTrade, Trader24, GCMForex, Tradaxa, Trade-24, 3TGFX and CMTrading.

For more on FXPN see its new website here.

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