Leverate introduces 50% faster FX data feed

Leverate’s LXFeed completely rebuilt based on multicast architecture.

For those of you who know the history of Leverate — which began with its state-of-the-art datafeed — it should come as no surprise that the leading FX platform provider continues to put a technology emphasis on its LXFeed data feed product.

Leverate has announced that it is releasing a new version of its Forex pricing data feed, LXFeed, completely rebuilt from the ground up in order to deliver ultra-fast data tailored to Forex brokers. LXFeed is now based on a cross-site multicast-style architecture, resulting in a feed that is 50% faster than before, with greater stability.

LXFeed is a robust ultra-low-latency algorithmic data feed that provides real-time data for more than 1,000 instruments from an extensive range of global financial exchanges. LXFeed delivers arbitrage-free and spike-free rates that reflect the true market price even at the market’s most volatile times, including periods of low market certainty.

For the complete Leverate press release click here (pdf).

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