Leverate announces improved Sirix functionality with integrated charting

The company teams up with mobile and web charting platform provider ChartIQ

Leading platform provider Leverate has announced today the addition of advance charting and technical analysis features to its Sirix platform based on HTML5, available for web and mobile usage. The company has decided to implement chart analytics from within the platform itself using technology from US based ChartIQ.

Integrated charting is aimed to increase the time that traders spend with the platform and eliminates the need to use third party charting software — especially for mobile users that are quite keen in finding a proper charting solution. This way client retention becomes easier as traders are not exposed to competitors’ marketing promotions.

ChartIQ’s founder and President Dan Schleifer said that Leverate will reaffirm its position as a leading technology vendor as it integrates the company’s HTML5 charting engine into Sirix Web and Mobile. The American company ChartIQ has already been widely acknowledged as one of the leading developers for products ranging from iOS and Android to Windows Phone and RT.

The in-platform charting feature comes to the already powerful integrated modules available on the Sirix HTML5 platform like social trading, Leverate’s in-house API, LXAPI to create news feeds, margin notifications and deposit options that are allowing traders to stay within the platform in order to perfect their user experience which already has proven itself in increasing trading volumes.

Sirix and LXAPI are integrated components within Leverate’s turn-key complete solution LXSuite, which is already available for as a white label solution. For more information visit Leverate’s website.

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Leverate announces improved Sirix functionality with integrated charting


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