Leverate adds pop-up alerts in LXCRM for forex brokers

Allows brokers to set up pop-up alerts and notifications right from inside the CRM.

LeapRate has learned that leading Forex platform provider Leverate has added a built-in alert wizard to its LXCRM product for forex brokers, which allows brokers to effortlessly create new alerts, without any knowledge of coding or development.

For example, if a client receives a margin call, the broker would probably want to know about it immediately. However many CRM systems don’t have alert functionality. Leverate’s LXCRM new alert feature answers that need, and allows brokers to set up pop-up alerts and notifications right from inside the CRM.

Leverate has been on a rapid global expansion in the past year, as the forex industry’s comeback and growth in volumes have precipitated the birth of new forex brokerages around the world. Last week we reported on Leverate’s new R&D office in Kiev. Leverate has also expanded over the past year to Japan and Hong Kong.

For more on the global Forex industry see the LeapRate-Dow Jones Forex Industry Report.


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Leverate adds pop-up alerts in LXCRM for forex brokers


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