LeapRate Exclusive: Former Dukascopy First VP Luis Sanchez joins BMFN as new CEO to lead company into Latin America

The very upper echelons of the FX industry are a focal point which the entire financial industry looks toward in terms of evolution, technological advancement and indeed which is largely responsible for the ever changing form of the entire financial landscape across all sectors worldwide.

For this reason, when one of the most charismatic, flamboyant and downright dynamic thought leaders in financial technology and electronic trading embarks on the next era within his career, anticipation gathers pace.

In this case, this persona is Luis Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez, who served as First Vice President at Swiss FX bank and marketplace Dukascopy Bank, has moved on, following several milestone achievements which have punctuated his past career at the company during the development of which Mr. Sanchez was among the senior figures and innovators within the high quality and technologically advanced Swiss company.

In amicably standing down from his leadership position at Dukascopy Bank, Mr. Sanchez has been appointed CEO of specialist FX firm BMFN with effect from October 31, 2014, with his very own strategy which centers on ensuring BMFN’s future as a prominent force in Europe and will develop a new market for BMFN, specifically the Latin America market.

BMFN has enjoyed tremendous success in its multiple offices throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, with over 4,000 partners using the firm’s ‘broker in a box’ solution which allows representatives to establish a full brokerage solution with one click, and has recently opened an office in Dubai. BMFN offers a multiple platform solution for its different clients, starting from its proper in house development Unitrader, as well as MT4, ACT,Currenex and Dukascopy Bank’s Jforex solution.

Founded and chaired by the equally charismatic and entrepreneurial Paul Belogour the company takes a very unusual approach by providing full brokerage facilities via a business to business acquisition model.

Mr. Sanchez is widely recognized for his valued and vocal opinions on all things FX. He is a regular participant at worldwide seminars, and provides his perspective on how to succeed in the FX industry in ever-changing times. His innate ability to think on his feet and generate unique ideas with the unfaltering backing of Dukascopy’s flawless ability to execute has proven a combination which has yet to be replicated.

The establishment of LeapRate’s Daily Industry Catch Up broadcast was the brainchild of Mr. Sanchez, who brought the televised news to fruition with flair. The leading edge video angle is key to all technology-led businesses of today, a matter which Mr. Sanchez considers vital.

In terms of global markets, it is fair to assume that there is not one stamp from any national border crossing which Mr. Sanchez does not have on his well-worn passport. As international as can possibly be, he has vast experience of the electronic trading industry in all corners of the earth, has established white label partners with different attributes across all geographical regions, providing technology to all manner of traders.

Mr. Sanchez rose to prominence due to his insightful methodology. Mr. Sanchez started as a Junior Account Manager nearly 10 years ago and completed his tenure as First Vice President within a prominent Swiss Bank. He has covered the entirety of the FX industry during his extensive career, from retail to institutional, and has tremendous experience in this field as well as having spent his previous years in finance and marketing, a combination which stands Mr. Sanchez out as the perfect persona to flourish in this CEO position and lead BMFN to the “next level”.

Mr. Sanchez arrived in Switzerland 10 years ago from Lima, Peru, experiencing a completely opposite scenario, not only with regard to ethics, culture and mentality, but also with regard to living conditions, language barriers and new rules of the business. He proved to himself that he was able to build a life and a career in Switzerland and because of his enthusiastic, ‘thinking man’ nature and fast adaptation to new scenarios, he is in possession of the most desireable attributes to develop this new challenge at BMFN.

His achievements and results worldwide speak for themselves, and Mr. Sanchez is a very well known figure among the upper echelons of the FX industry due to his charismatic personality, and as a result he has won the hearts and respect of many executives across the business, therefore it is clear that his potential at BMFN is something that the industry closely will follow.

Upon taking this valuable experience to BMFN, Mr. Belogour and Mr. Sanchez have aligned methodologies in their ability to onboard retail, institutional and white label partners across the globe.

Paul Belogour spoke to LeapRate today regarding the appointment of Mr. Sanchez: “I have closely followed Luis’ career and performance during the past years and did not doubt for a second that he is the right person to help BMFN’s team to grow its existing business and to develop the latin America market. The BMFN family is happy to have a professional of Mr. Sanchez standing on board and we wish him all the best in his future new position.”

“I have known Luis also for some years now, we had worked together on many different projects and he is very talented and creative, and I am sure we will continue developing new things together” concluded Mr. Belogour.


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