LeapRate Approved Forex Firms

Which Forex firm should I trade with? Which firms should I avoid?

LeapRate can help you address these issues, with our list of Approved Forex Trading Firms

If you are trading with a firm which is not on this list, you might be taking a big risk with the safety of your money, the quality of quotes, the quality of trade execution, and level of service you receive. We strongly recommend that you trade ONLY with the firms listed below. LeapRate uses specific, concrete criteria in assessing whether or not to include a Forex brokerage firm on our Approved List.


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Figures in italics are estimated by LeapRate. Volume figures represent average data for most recent period.

Please note that LeapRate’s opinions and analyses do not address the suitability of any security or trading strategy, nor do they address the likelihood of profit or loss via any one particular trading firm. You should not rely on our analysis alone before deciding to trade with any one of these (or other) firms, and our reports and analysis are not meant to be a replacement for your own diligence and review. For more disclosures see our Disclosures page.

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