KPMG making Claims Portal live for test run with 500 Alpari UK clients – LeapRate Exclusive

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that Alpari UK Special Administrator KPMG is about to go live with the Claims Portal, in an initial beta test run for 500 clients.

KPMG will select (randomly, we believe) approximately 500 Alpari UK clients, all with cash-only balances, to test the Claims Portal. Those 500 clients (who do not yet know who they are) should be receiving an email from KPMG over the next 24 hours with instructions as to how to access the live Claims Portal, and how to agree their balances.

The purpose of the 500-client run is to test the capacity constraints of the Claims Portal, given that there will be close to 100,000 clients using it in the coming weeks, when it goes live for all Alpari UK clients.

Assuming that the test run goes well and without any major glitches in agreeing client balances and initiating refunds, KPMG expects to go live with the Claims Portal for all Alpari UK clients having cash-only balances by next Friday, March 6 – although the invitations to access the Claims Portal will likely be sent out in several batches over several hours, to minimize capacity constraints on the system.

Clients who had any kind of open positions (as of January 15) will need to wait a few more weeks, until around the end of March, before being invited to access the Claims Portal and agree their balances.

We would welcome any feedback from any Alpari UK client which gets to try the Claims Portal in the test run – please share your comments below.

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