KPMG appoints Beeston Shenton for legal action in debts recovery from ex-Alpari UK clients

KPMG, which is responsible for the special administration of Alpari (UK) Limited, has provided a notice today, concerning ex-clients of the broker who have negative balances.

The Joint Special Administrators have appointed Beeston Shenton Solicitors Limited with regard to legal action in debts recovery from clients with negative balances. Beeston Shenton is formally authorised and instructed to act on behalf of Alpari (UK) and the Joint Special Administrators and to accept payments due to the broker.

Beeston Shenton will contact clients directly.

Just two weeks after “Black Thursday” events, KPMG confirmed that former Alpari UK clients will have to repay their negative balances. In March 2015, KPMG appointed UK debt collector CCI Legal to go after these clients.

According to the second progress report regarding KPMG work on the Alpari UK case, during the period from July 19, 2015 through to January 18, 2016 KPMG has realised £323,597 from debtors. These recoveries have been achieved from debtors based in 47 different countries.

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