KCG Releases Monthly Metrics For February 2014 – Hotspot ADV Slightly Down

KCG Hotspot, the KCG Group’s institutional ECN reported an ADV of $30.4 billion in February.

American electronic trading stalwart KCG (NYSE:KCG) today released its monthly figures for the month of February 2014, in which the company has declared that within its market making enterprise, a daily average of $27.4 billion in volume was traded, along with 20.0 billion shares and 3.9 million trades per day in U.S. equities.

As far as the company’s global execution services division is concerned, agency-based algorithmic and EMS trade volumes through Knight Direct and GETAlpha averaged an aggregate 285.2 million shares traded per day in U.S. equities during February this year.

KCG Hotspot mo vol Feb14

KCG Hotspot, the group’s institutional FX ECN, averaged $30.4 billion per day in notional FX dollar volume, which represents a slight decline from last month’s $34.1 billion per day — and in line with similar declines we’ve already seen at most other Forex ECNs.

KCG Hotspot made a flying start to 2014 with last month’s average daily volumes having been the second best performance during any specific month since its inception, thus maintaining such levels of trading activity would be somewhat of a challenge, however a minor drop to $30.4 billion during February does not necessarily signal a return to the darker days of 2012.

As for the overall market conditions in February, KCG has reported today that consolidated U.S. equity volume averaged $286.1 billion in dollar volume and 7.0 billion shares traded per day. The realized volatility for the S&P 500 was 13.0.

In February, there were 19 trading days in U.S. equities, 20 trading days in foreign exchange, and 19 trading days in fixed income.

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