It’s all about execution! Boston Technologies announces major upgrades to network infrastructure…

Beginning in March 2013, Boston Technologies has been introducing the (Straight-through processing) STP solution to more than 100 brokers in China and Southeast Asia. Boston Technologies added a server hub in Hong Kong, access points in Mainland China and installed private network lines between Hong Kong and New York’s NY4 data center. In order to continue enhancing the performance and reliability of the BT-STP and BT-MT4 solution…Boston Technologies has now undertaken major upgrades to their network infrastructure.

  1. Currently, the MT4 servers hosted by Boston Technologies in Hong Kong are being transferred to new, high performance hardware located in Hong Kong at the HK1 data center.
  2. Moreover, in an effort to strengthen and solidify network performance, Boston Technologies has added another backup HQoS (high quality of service) dedicated line between the HK1 data center and the NY4 data center.

This is in addition to the primary line with automatic fail-over. Clients will now benefit from a fully backed-up and more stable network connection to the NY4 aggregation server and will enjoy faster execution due to this optimal low latency environment.

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What is the goal and what does this mean for you?

These changes in equipment and location, as well as improved connectivity, mean you will notice a major improvement in service quality and with the help of Boston Technologies and HK1, your business will be supported with:

• Faster Trade Execution
• Better Fills
• Fewer Connection Error Messages

The HK1 Hong Kong Data Center is an ideal managed hosting environment that offers exceptional network choice, operational reliability and access to a full range of data center services.

Boston Technologies is known for its innovative history. It is focused on providing a customizable and transparent trading venue for niche trading firms. Boston Technologies provides complete turnkey solutions using its world-wide ultra low-latency infrastructure network (NY4 in New York, LD4 in London, TY3/KVH in Tokyo, and most recently HK1 in Hong Kong) and delivers personalized customer service in multiple languages.

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