ITG launches expanded options capability on Triton platform

Investment Technology Group Inc., specialized agency brokerage and technology firm (NYSE:ITG) announced that the Triton® EMS suite now offers expanded options trading capabilities, including multi-broker routing and access to Delta and Volatility algorithms. The enhanced functionality builds upon Triton’s robust options offering, which includes a full options sheet, Level 2 depth-of-book window, and support for spread orders.

“The expanded options functionality solidifies Triton’s role as the clear choice for global, multi-broker, multi-asset trading, offering a comprehensive solution for trading equities, options, futures and spot FX via one platform,” said Will Geyer, ITG Managing Director and Head of Platforms.

ITG also deployed new option smart order routing capability, utilizing low-latency quote feeds and order delivery connectivity to access multiple execution venues. It combines ITG’s event-driven smart order routing software with effective monitoring and support tools to deliver best execution.

“ITG’s new option smart routing demonstrates our strong commitment to delivering powerful option trading tools to our clients,” said Jamie Selway, ITG Head of Electronic Brokerage and Sales.

These new options capabilities are available via the Triton suite, which includes Triton for global multi-asset portfolio trading and Triton® Black for active single-security trading. In addition, these platforms offer access to ITG’s options algorithms including ITG Delta Algorithm, ITG Volatility Algorithm, ITG Pounce Algorithm, ITG Sweep Algorithm and many third-party options algorithms, as well as ITG Smart Router. The addition of ITG’s Delta and Volatility algorithms now also offers clients the ability to automatically delta hedge their options positions.

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