Israel’s VC community joining the Forex sector for IVC’s Online Financial Trading event May 5 in Tel Aviv

LeapRate Exclusive Interview… Israel is home to a large number of forex industry companies – brokers, platform providers, online marketing specialists, social trading networks, industry portals, the list goes on. Israel is also the second largest tech venture capital center after Silicon Valley, with much of the investment going toward fintech and online companies.

So it is only natural for the two groups to get together, in an event run by Israel’s IVC Research Center, a leading service provider to the high tech scene.

We are pleased to speak today with Koby Simana , CEO of IVC Research Center.

LeapRate: Hi Koby. Please let our readers know a little more about the IVC.

Koby: Sure. IVC Research Center is the leading source of accurate, comprehensive, and focused information on Israel’s high-tech industry. From venture capitals and private equity funds, to entrepreneurs, high-tech companies and service providers, IVC is dedicated to providing the most reliable information to help facilitate our clients’ business goals.

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LeapRate: Please tell us a little about the Online Financial Trading NOW event you’re planning in Israel.

Koby.: Well first of all, it is taking place in Tel Aviv’s Meirhoff Gallery on Tuesday May 5.

In recent years, the online financial trading industry (including Forex and Binary Options) has become an integral and significant part of the global capital market, and Israeli technologies and ventures have become major component in the expansion of the trend.

The significant growth also points to a wide range of opportunities and challenges embedded in the industry. Due to the dynamic and complexity of the field, technological innovation is an essential component for achieving competitive advantage. The companies wise enough to adopt the latest innovations in the most creative and efficient manner, will be “the big winners”.

Innovations are found in many direct and complementary channels, such as online trading platforms, cyber security, digital media and advertising, e-commerce, cutting edge user interface, binary option trading, digital payment and more. Israeli companies are among the major players and leaders in many of segments.

The online financial trading industry is also unique as its direction and growth is impacted by global regulatory requirements by the relevant financial regulating bodies. It is acknowledged and regulated by regulators, and any operation seeking to flourish in this industry will look to obtain such regulatory licenses in the relevant jurisdictions. Israel presents an example in this context, as it introduced a new regulatory regime applying to the industry, which will enter into force towards the end of May 2015.

Israel’s new Forex regulations will be addressed in detail at the event.

LeapRateOther than Forex and Binary industry brokers and service providers, who else will be attending the event?

Koby: In this unique and focused seminar we plan to review the range of issues facing the online financial trading market in Israel and around the world. The seminar will provide an opportunity for Israeli online financial trading executives, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to meet, discuss and openly present the innovations, challenges and opportunities in the field.

LeapRate: Israel has, after Silicon Valley in the US, the most active VC investment community anywhere. Do you think that Israeli VCs are looking at investing in online trading firms and platform providers?

We believe so. We see leading Israeli VC funds already looking at this niche market while some of them have already invested in some companies. Examples can be Carmel Ventures’ investment in TradAir, the BRM Group which invested in eToro, Magma VC and Thetime Innovation invested in StockPair and CorrSight. We believe that there’s more to come.

For more on the IVC’s Online Financial Trading NOW event click here.

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Israel's VC community joining the Forex sector for IVC's Online Financial Trading event May 5 in Tel Aviv


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