Is Apple Inc. getting into the Retail Forex business?

It seems that no major corporation elicits strong feelings as much as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). One of the world’s largest companies by market cap at above $500 billion, and one of the world’s best known brands, a quick perusal of popular stock discussion boards and research analysts reports will demonstrate clearly that Apple has very large love ’em and hate ’em audiences out there.

Apple-PNGHowever everyone in all camps can indeed agree on one thing.

When Apple does something, it does it big.

So news that Apple has registered the domain name URL should not be taken too lightly.

The logical explanation is that Apple, as a leading tech company, is ahead of the curve and quickly nabs any Apple related domain names and domain extensions when they become available. We reported back in November that the .broker and .forex domains were being offered by Boston Ivy Registry, and we know that a number of Forex and CFD brokers have since registered their brands with these domain extensions.

Apple also registered a number of car-related domains (,,, dating domains (like, and even a gambling domain ( That doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple is going to be opening an online casino anytime soon.

More likely, Apple just doesn’t want anyone else starting any kind of business with an apple-dot-something domain name.

But one thing is sure in the FX world – never say never!

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