Invast Japan adds automated hedge fund strategies to Mirror Trader

Retail Forex broker Invast Japan has become the latest company to adopt a new solution by Tradency that offers users of Mirror Trader to tap the capabilities of hedge fund strategies.

The new strategies, the broker explains, will be available on the ST24 platform via Mirror Trader. To distinguish between the “usual” and the hedge fund strategies, one has to look for the “HF” designation in front of the name of a given strategy.

The solution brings the algo strategies developed and used by hedge funds, an offering usually limited to high-net-worth customers, to a wider clientele.

The announcement on the hedge fund solution’s adoption underlines the partnership between Invast Japan and Tradency. In August 2014, the companies unveiled a strategic partnership that saw Invast Securities acquire a 14.99% stake in the technology company.

Tradency’s hedge fund solution has been enjoying a growing number of adopters amid Forex brokers. Most recently, AvaTrade has introduced the new hedge fund strategies to its clients who use Mirror Trader. If we consider Japanese FX brokers, then it is worth mentioning that in August this year, FXTF started offering Tradency’s hedge fund solution.


To view the official announcement from Invast Japan on the new hedge fund strategies, click here.

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