INTL FCStone announces extension of OTC FX products to users of CQG

INTL Fcstone Inc (NASDAQ:INTL), a diversified financial services organization delivering financial products, advisory and execution services to commercial clients around the world, today announced that it’s subsidiary, INTL FCStone Markets, LLC., has introduced the ability to trade Over the Counter (OTC) FX products to qualified users of North American electronic trading solutions provider CQG.

CQG can be considered a landmark among trading solutions firms, having commenced its operations in 1980, providing order routing and analytic tools to institutional clients to this day.

The new strategic partnership announced today will allow any CQG client to access and trade OTC FX with INTL FCStone Markets so that now they will be able to trade futures and spot FX all on the same platform. Clients will be able to trade via the CQG API or front end and INTL FCStone Markets will offer streaming executable spot rates on 75 currency pairs.

This comes one week after CQG and Nasdaq announced that CQG will introduce connectivity to Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX), the exchange group’s U.S.-based designated contract market (DCM), expanding key energy benchmarks including oil, natural gas and U.S. power, which will launch in mid-2015.

Edgar Ramon, Global Head of FX for INTL FCStone’s subsidiary FCStone, LLC.,today stated, “By integrating FX pricing into the CQG platform, clients will be able to trade both futures and FX on the same trading platform instead of using two different systems.”

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