Intercontinental Exchange announces FX volumes for December 2013 – up by 20%

The rebound from October’s striking low is solidifying a good year for the company

The InterContinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE) has released contract volume numbers for the last month of 2013. The company has recorded a year on year drop of 12% announcing 29,110 contracts traded per day in December. The number comes to close an otherwise positive year with full year average daily volumes totaling 36,013 contracts compared to 29,443 back in 2012.

The figures released today are higher by a solid 20% over November’s 24,109 contracts and are confirming a reversal from the dismal October numbers that marked a low of 20,440 contracts which at the time was a whopping 45% lower than September.

The figures released today solidify the position of the company as it has also announced that total trading volumes increased by 16% and 6% over December 2012 and the fourth quarter of 2012. The total contract volume has achieved a record of 852 million contracts which was up 1% over last year.

For the full press release visit ICE’s website.

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