Interactive Brokers boosts tech analysis section in latest TWS build

Retail FX giant Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) earlier this week released the latest (947) version of its multi-asset trading platform TWS, with the accent put on extra technical indicators for studies.

The latest version of the platform, which gives access to thousands of trading instruments on 100 markets across the globe, was launched on October 13, 2014. The new build is definitely targeting fans of technical analysis with whooping 25 technical indicators added to the lineup of analytical instruments for working with the platform’s interactive charts. The list includes indicators like Raff Channel and Awesome Oscillator, with an accent on all possible modifications of the Moving Average tool. Thus, Adaptive Moving Average, Hull Moving Average and Wilder’s Moving Average were added to the technical indicators’ lineup as a part of the latest boost.

The addition of technical indicators, which is a usual move in all builds of TWS, adds to the professional image of the platform, which caters for the needs of advanced and experienced traders, who want to get into depths of the technical market patterns. Price action fans may be displeased but Interactive Brokers seems to be amid the firms that simply do not step back from the professional and complex tech offering.

Another important upgrade in the latest build will make happy the users of the Volatility Lab. Indeed, this solution is in its essence a dashboard of volatility tools providing a snapshot of past and future volatility readings on a certain instrument, comparisons with the fortunes of its rivals, etc. Before the launch of the new build, Volatility Lab covered only the US stocks in the lineup of TWS, but now it also covers all stocks and futures.

This development is particularly timely bearing in mind that over the past two weeks Interactive Brokers has boosted significantly the range of stock it offers for trading, including in it shares in many companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK). This has a lot to do with the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program, whose test the broker completed at the end of September this year.

The latest TWS build comes along with a raft of other improvements, concerning the IB Risk Navigator, as well as a new type of stock settlement (T+2).

The full list of enhancements included in the latest build of TWS can be viewed by clicking here

Meanwhile, the broker has thrown its weight behind development of its mobile trading solutions. Less than a week ago it started the test of a mobile API, while launching new and improved versions of its trading apps for iOS and Android devices.

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