Indian Rupee contract still on top at DGCX with increased volumes of 15% in H1 2015

DGCX, Dubai’s prominent emerging commodities exchange has reported that it achieved the highest ever Open Interest of 94,056 contracts on June 26, 2015

Aside from a vast increase in open interest trading, FX is still very much a mainstay of DGCX’s business as trading volume of the Indian Rupee futures contract rose 38% from last year in June showing consistent growth since inception of the contract in June 2007.

The interest in the Indian Rupee contract as an exchange traded asset on Dubai’s commodity venue has represented a niche in FX trading ever since its inception, and has bolstered the volumes of the emerging exchange tremendously.

Congruent with past performance, DGCX’s Indian Rupee futures emerged as the key performer registering H1 volumes growth of 15% from 2014.

DGCX leads Indian Rupee futures global exchange traded market share in June with 30.69%.

DGCX recorded the highest Open Interest (OI) ever in its 10 year history, driven by the strong performance of its emerging market contracts; first half volumes on the Exchange jumped 11% from last year to reach over six million contracts.

The Exchange ended H1-2015 with trading volumes of more than 6.4 million contracts, valued at over $185 billion.

Brisk trading in the contract led to the Exchange dominating the global Indian Rupee futures market in the month of June with a market share of 30.69%.

June proved to be an exceptional month for the contract this year witnessing volumes of 904,044 contracts, an increase of 38% from last year.

The Exchange’s other Indian Rupee futures products also saw high growth. Year-to-date 2015 trading volumes on the Mini Indian Rupee futures saw a growth of 10% in June while Mini Indian Rupee contracts denominated in Euro (INR/EUR) and Pound Sterling (INR/GBP) grew 54% and 37% respectively. The overall currency segment represents the lion’s share of growth on the Exchange in H1-2015, growing by 41%.

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