IG Group introduces commodities trading without expiries

IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG), the expert in spread betting and CFD trading, has today drawn our attention to a new offering that may be of interest to those traders who would like to trade commodities without having to deal with the complexities of fixed expiry points.

The broker is launching a commodity offering that is in itself a continuously rolling product, that is, there are no regular expiry points with which the traditional futures trading is associated. In fact, the new product is closer to Index CFDs (contracts for difference) or DFBs (daily funded bets).

And although a trader should still pay a fee for holding a commodity position open overnight, there are least two big advantages of the new offering:

  • Increased transparency over positions.

  • Continuous charting (unlimited technical analysis for the lifetime of a given commodity).

The new service applies to 47 commodities markets, which means that pretty much the whole IG’s menu of commodities is covered. Moreover, the company pledges tight spreads on all commodities, including Gold and Oil.

To learn more about the new offering by IG, click here.

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