IG.com website is up – including an MT4 surprise launch

IG Group spent several millions of dollars buying the IG.com domain name.

IG Group’s new website IG.com has now been officially launched (at www.ig.com, of course). We exclusively reported just several weeks ago that as part of its rebranding as just ‘IG’, IG Group had spent several million dollars buying the IG.com domain name, which was previously a Brazilian search engine.

IG’s rebranding involves a lot more than just its website. A quick visit to IG.com shows that IG is repositioning as much-more-than-just-spreadbetting, IG’s bread-and-butter product. Most interesting, as first pointed out by ForexMagnates, is that IG is about to add MT4 trading, something it had shunned until now, as it looks to expand more into ‘regular’ forex trading, and attract more retail clients outside the UK. Despite being successful in certain geographies, IG Group still gets more than half of its revenues from the UK.

There have been a few MT4 holdouts (such as Oanda and FXCM) among major forex brokerages, which have always prided themselves on running their own proprietary platforms. However eventually most major FX firms have added an MT4 trading option for clients, as did both Oanda and FXCM, and now IG is joining the list.

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