ICE sets three Brent futures records in early October

October has just started and it is yet unclear on how the month will shape for trading activity, but Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE:ICE), the international operator of exchanges and clearing houses, has just provided us with an insight into the dynamics of energy futures trading.

Judging from an announcement from the company from Thursday, early October turned out to be more than successful for energy futures trading, with three consecutive open interest records set for ICE Brent futures, with a high of 2,080,368 contracts reached on October 6th.

Here is how the list of achievements looks like:

  • Oct 2 – 2,061,384 contracts;
  • Oct 5 – 2,067,575 contracts;
  • Oct 6 – 2,080,368 contracts.

ICE Brent crude futures have seen steady trading – in September 2015, the average daily volume of ICE Brent crude futures amounted to 726,000 contracts, up 3% from September 2014.


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