ICE Futures Singapore set to launch with Mini Renminbi futures in November

Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE:ICE), the international network of exchanges and clearing houses, has announced that ICE Futures Singapore and ICE Clear Singapore plan to launch with five new contracts on November 17, 2015.

The lineup of the new instruments includes:

Mini Brent futures; Mini Gasoil futures; Kilo Gold futures; Mini Onshore Renminbi futures; Mini Offshore Renminbi futures.

“ICE Futures Singapore will offer a range of global and regional products designed to meet the needs of market participants for efficient trading and clearing services in their local jurisdiction,” said Lucas Schmeddes, President & COO, ICE Futures Singapore and ICE Clear Singapore. “We are pleased to announce the November launch and would like to thank our clearing members and customers for their ongoing support and interest.”

ICE Trade Vault, LLC has submitted a foreign trade repository application to MAS, which in a move set to further enhance market participants’ compliance with regulatory reform in the region.

The establishment of ICE Futures Singapore and ICE Clear Singapore supports an expanded customer base and the further development of derivatives markets in Asia. ICE has been present in Singapore since 2000 serving customers in the global energy markets. Over the past several years, Asia-based trading activity in ICE’s benchmark commodity and interest rate products has been rising as the region starts to play a greater role in global derivatives markets.

To view the official announcement by ICE, click here.

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