ICAP’s EBS daily volumes rise 22% MoM in August 2015

EBS, the electronic Forex brokerage division of ICAP plc (LON:IAP), has obviously benefited from the upsurge in market volatility towards the end of last month. The metrics that ICAP has just reported show a rise in EBS trading volumes from disappointing July 2015 levels.

Average daily volumes at EBS amounted to $100.3 billion in August 2015, up 22% from the $82.1 billion registered in July 2015 and up 17% from the result registered in August 2014.

Examining the fortunes of other market segments, we see that trading with US repo and US Treasuries volumes also staged a rise in monthly terms. European repo volumes, however, were broadly unchanged when compared to July 2015.

US Treasury average daily volumes kept rising in annual terms (+25%), reaching $182.7 billion in August 2015. US repo and European repo markets, however, saw a drop in turnover in annual terms.


To view the official announcement about ICAP’s electronic markets volumes for August 2015, click here.

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