Google cloud chief Diane Greene admits their victory against AWS and Microsoft

Diane Greene confirmed that when companies ask Google to join in the bidding process for cloud computing contacts, Google is practically always the winner.

We can actually win an RFP pretty much every time against AWS or Azure. Our growth is great. We have the best infrastructure, our own network backbone, our own fiber, a very cost-effective data centers, very automated,” Google’s head of cloud computing mentioned to attendees of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech show in Aspen, Colorado on Monday.

And that means Google can offer low prices on those request for proposals (RFP).

Greene also said that internally, the culture at Google didn’t have to change that much to serve enterprises, which was even a surprise to her. While she’s spent her first seven months creating the kind of classic internal organizations that enterprises need (sales, support, a CTO office to help Google do more custom projects), the underlying culture was already a fit, she claims.

Google engineers work even the weekends to give the customers the capacity they need. And all this is because they’re devoted and dedicated to the whole process, Greene added.

She believes she’s found the winning combination to take on her two bigger rivals, Amazon and Microsoft.

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