Goldmoney accelerates instant settlement of direct-to-bank gold redemptions

Goldmoney Inc. (TSX:XAU), a Toronto based financial technology company operating a global, 100%-reserved gold-based financial network, today introduced a new closed-loop network integration that enables instant gold redemption and expedites direct-to-bank value settlement for 87 countries and 44 currencies, accelerating global commercial transactions and supporting small business growth.

Goldmoney Personal and Business users can now redeem gold balances to supported local currencies instantly and receive value settlement denominated in local currencies within 48 hours for a fee of only one percent.

“We’re continuously strengthening our partnerships and improving the functionality of the Goldmoney network making it one of the most efficient methods for global transactions. With this new integration, we’re making personal and business global gold payments and redemptions faster and easier than ever before,” said Darrell MacMullin, CEO, Goldmoney Personal and Business.

“International wire transfers can take up to one week, imposing unnecessary delays on person-to-person transfers, impeding cash flow and delaying small business growth. By using vaulted gold bullion for universal and efficient payments, Goldmoney Personal and Goldmoney Business users in eligible countries can instantly receive payments in gold and redeem to supported currencies at any time. Direct-to-bank settlements of redeemed value are completed in under 48 hours—and in some cases, within minutes.”

5 Year Futures Price Quote for Gold (COMEX)

5 Year Futures Price Quote for Gold (COMEX) to USD

Direct-to-Bank Redemption Availability and Associated Settlement Times

Country Personal Business1 Settlement Time Supported Currency
Antigua Same Day XCD
Argentina Next Day ARS
Austria Next Day EUR
Bangladesh Same Day BDT
Barbados Same Day BBD
Belgium Next Day EUR
Benin Next Day CFA
Bolivia Same Day USD
Brazil Same Day BRL
Bulgaria Next Day BGN
Burkina Faso Next Day CFA
Canada Next Day CAD
Chile Next Day CLP
China Next Day USD
Colombia Within Minutes to Hours COP
Costa Rica Same Day CRC
Cyprus Next Day EUR
Czech Republic Next Day EUR
Denmark Next Day EUR
Dominican Rep. Within Minutes to Hours DOP
Ecuador Within Minutes to Hours USD
Egypt Same Day EGP
El Salvador Within Minutes to Hours USD
Estonia Next Day EUR
Ethiopia Same Day ETB
Finland Next Day EUR
France Next Day EUR
French Guiana Next Day EUR
Gambia Same Day GMD
Germany Next Day EUR
Ghana Same Day GHS
Greece Next Day EUR
Guadeloupe Next Day EUR
Guatemala Within Minutes to Hours GTQ
Guinea Within Minutes to Hours GMT
Guinea Bissau Next Day XOF
Guyana Same Day GYD
Haiti Same Day USD
Hungary Next Day EUR
Iceland Next Day EUR
India Within Minutes to Hours INR
Indonesia Same Day IDR
Ireland Next Day EUR
Italy Next Day EUR
Ivory Coast Next Day XOF
Jamaica Same Day JMD
Japan Same Day JPY
Kenya Same Day KES
Latvia Next Day EUR
Liechtenstein Next Day EUR
Lithuania Next Day EUR
Luxembourg Next Day EUR
Malaysia Same Day MYR
Mali Same Day CFA
Malta Next Day EUR
Martinique Next Day EUR
Mexico Within Minutes to Hours MXN
Morocco Same Day MAD
Nepal Within Minutes to Hours NPR
Netherlands Next Day EUR
Niger Next Day XOF
Nigeria Within Minutes to Hours NGN
Norway Next Day EUR
Pakistan Within Minutes to Hours PKR
Panama Same Day USD
Peru Within Minutes to Hours PEN
Philippines Within Minutes to Hours PHP
Poland Next Day PLN
Portugal Next Day EUR
Reunion Next Day EUR
Romania Same Day RON
Russia Within Minutes to Hours RUB
Senegal Next Day CFA
Slovakia Next Day EUR
Slovenia Next Day EUR
Spain Next Day EUR
Sri Lanka Same Day LKR
St Kitts & Nevis Same Day XCD
Sweden Next Day EUR
Thailand Same Day THB
Togo Next Day CFA
Trinidad & Tobago Same Day TTD
Ukraine Same Day USD
United Kingdom Next Day GBP
Usa Next Day USD
Venezuela Same Day VEF
Vietnam Same Day VND

1Only Goldmoney Business account holders may redeem to a business bank account.

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