GO Markets diversifies from FX, offers physical delivery of gold bullion

Australian FX company GO Markets has joined the plethora of electronic trading firms which are adding precious metals to their list of instruments.

In addition to current contract for difference (CFD) and FX asset classes, GO Markets has added physical bullion trading, available via the MetalDesk2 platform.

Whereas many retail FX companies have added the ability to trade precious metals as a spot transaction, GO Markets has taken a different approach, instead offering clients the option of physical delivery of bullion, rendering the company party to potential market share among commodities dealers.

All bullion purchased through the firm’s Physical Bullion option is on an allocated basis, meaning legal title remains with the client at all times, with the choice of securely storing purchases with highly regarded experts in precious metals vaulting, or taking delivery in most locations.

The company has confirmed that its clients can also choose the product and location from accredited global liquidity sources including Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne), Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, London, Zurich & New York.

“Although our focus remains on our Contracts for Difference and Forex offering, it’s clear the demand for the physical is strong and likely to be sustained. While there’s a vast difference between metal derivatives and physical ownership, we see our new offering as complementary to our suite of CFD and FX instruments”, said GO Markets Director, Christopher Gore.

“The premiums seen in the physical market is testament to robust underlying demand, and to offer a cost-effective outlet to deal in the physical is a real value add for our clients” he concluded.

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