GFT UK changes margin requirements, streamlines trading instruments lineup

GFT UK, the retail CFD and spread betting provider which became a part of Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP) in September 2013, has informed its clients of important changes in trading conditions, which will affect trading with Forex products too.

Starting from June 26, 2015, margin requirements for a raft of markets, including Currencies, Equities, Indices, and Interest Rates, will change.

As usual, we focus on the changes concerning the Forex market. From the above mentioned date, there will be a margin rise on 56 currency pairs, with the rise to be steepest on pairs with the Israeli shekel (ILS) and the Romanian leu (RON). For the rest of the pairs affected, the rise is twofold – from 0.5% to 1%.

The broker reminds its clients that it is important to make sure they have sufficient funds to cover the increased margin requirements before the changes come into effect.

Below is a list of the currency pairs affected by the new margin requirements:


Another change will affect the lineup of trading instruments. The company is abandoning the offering of multiple trading instruments from July 17, 2015. Positions with these instruments will be shifted to “close only” mode from June 26, 2015. The move will affect Currencies, Equities, Commodities, Indices and Bonds.

The broker has decided to halt offering of 56 currency pairs, which are infrequently traded. The list of currency pairs to go from the lineup is below:


If traders have open positions in any of these markets, they must close them before July 17, 2015. Any open positions and active orders in these markets after this deadline will be force closed at market rate on July 17, 2015.

If you are a client of GFT UK, it is also worth paying attention to the upcoming changes to hedging margin policy, as well as to the changes to General Terms. Let’s also mention that the broker envisages reforms to the tick factor convention on selected markets.

To obtain detailed information about the coming changes to trading conditions at GFT UK, click here.

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